Thanks Ric from who this term has been working with our Eco Champions, thinking about reducing plastic use. Here is Ric talking to all the children about this issue - inspiring the younger generation to make changes to their own plastic usage!


HPAD Fun Run organised by our fabulous PTA, FoHPED. Thank you to everyone who took part.


Delighted to welcome author and mathematician to HPAD on Thursday. Y3/4 were inspired by Rob’s range of of mathematical tricks & puzzles. The children left excited to try the tricks for themselves in the playground


Now for a mini beast hunt. Lots of slugs, snails, ground beetles, ants, spiders and woodlice


Pond dipping this morning. So far we’ve found sticklebacks, water boatmen, water snails (mostly common bithynia), leeches and various larve.


Bedtime story with Ms Reynolds.


Marshmallows, hot chocolate and singing around the campfire. Lovely way to end the day.


Lovely day spent at St Margaret’s Bay.


Rock pooling at St Margaret’s Bay.


3 wood mice in the traps this morning. All safely released. 6 mile hike now followed by rock pooling on the beach this afternoon.


More amazing views from our evening ramble


Evening ramble


Well that was a delicious meal! Good job we are off on an evening ramble now to walk it off.


Choosing the best spots to hide our mammal traps


Learning about the mammals living wild on the Rippledown grounds


The grounds at Rippledown House are just beautiful


A bit of Rippledown history


Beds made, dorms tidied, time for lunch


Year 4 have arrived safely at Rippledown House - looking forward to 3 days of fun


Balance, agility and focus during our buddy’s challenge obstacle course today

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Year 2 Learning Overview - Summer 1 2019

What are we learning?

This half term our Topic Theme is ‘Land Ahoy!’ and our learning in all subjects will be linked to this.

As scientists, we will be exploring different materials by carrying out an investigation to do with floating. We will be finding out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending twisting and stretching.

As artists and designers, we will be doing our own observational drawings of different types of boats.

In English, we will be using paintings to inspire our creative writing. We will also be exploring the text – Ice Trap that looks at Ernest Shackleton’s treacherous journey.

In maths, we will be consolidating all of our learning from the year – time, measuring, fractions, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. We will be delving more into mathematical problem solving which will require us to bring together all of our learning.

In Mandarin, we will continue to broaden our vocabulary through songs and games. We will be especially focusing on words that enable us to talk about ourselves. We will also continue to learn how to write in Mandarin.

In Philosophy for Children (P4C), we will continue to develop our thinking skills by asking questions and making assumptions. We will be making choices based on our opinions, and respectfully listening to and responding to others.

In music, we will continue to practise the recorder and develop our musical skills using percussion instruments. Please ensure your child brings in their recorder every Tuesday.

In RE, we will be learning about different religions through stories.

Uniform:  Please ensure your child is in the correct uniform and that all items are labelled with their name.

PE Kit: Both classes have P.E on a Tuesday and a Friday Therefore please ensure that your child’s kit is in school for both of these days. Please also ensure your child’s kit is brought in on Monday and it will be returned to you after PE on Tuesday ready for the children to wear into school on Friday. The children will then change back into their uniform for the remainder of the day. Please ensure that each item is labelled with your child’s name.

Reading books and records: Children read daily in school, however this may be taking place in larger groups this term; please make sure your child’s book and reading record (yellow book) are in their bag each day. These books will be changed up to every 3 weeks depending on the text. Please read with your child daily and make a short comment in their reading record.

Overview of our home learning: Home learning this term will be in the CGP maths reasoning and reading booklets. The pages to complete that week will be communicated to you and it is handed out weekly on a Thursday and should be returned on a Tuesday. If there are any difficulties with home learning, please see your child’s class teacher.

Thank you for all the wonderful home learning projects we have seen this year. However small, we love sharing them with the class. We will collect and share projects on week commencing Monday 20th May. Our topic this half term is ‘Land Ahoy’, so explorers, shipwrecks, adventurers and far-flung places! Here are some ideas of things you could do:

• Search the web or non-fiction books to find out about a famous boat or ship. Make an information book by writing down interesting facts, downloading images or making drawings. Famous ships to choose from include RMS Titanic, the Santa Maria, the Cutty Sark or HMS Belfast.

• Design and make a boat to take part in a class boat race. What materials will you use? What shape will your boat be? What name will you give it?

• Visit a maritime museum, boat show, lighthouse or harbour with your family. Take lots of pictures to show and talk about at school. Maybe you could interview a family member who has worked at sea or has been on a cruise, to find out about their experiences.

• Visit your local library to read and borrow story and information books about the sea. Write or film a book review about your favourite.

• Make a pirate treasure chest using a lidded box and other recycled materials. What will you keep in your treasure chest? Bring it to school to show your class and explain how you made it.

• Write a letter to Captain Longbeard to tell him what you have been up to at school and home. You might want to invite him to visit again!

• Make a map of your home and local area to show all the main features. Include physical landmarks such as beaches, hills or forests, as well as human features such as shops, farms or harbours. Where would be a good place to hide treasure? Can you plot a route to find it?

• Find and learn some pirate jokes. Practise reading them at home to perform in school and make your pirate friends laugh! Aye, that be funny!

• Look at holiday brochures or travel websites and talk about holiday destinations around the world. Which seas or oceans are close to each destination? Locate them on a world map, noting their location in relation to the Equator and the North and South Poles. How does the location affect the weather? Where would you most like to go?

Other Events:

We will be going on a trip to The Cutty Sark on the Thursday the 23rd May 2019 – please look out for more details regarding this following soon. You will be able to give permission for your child to attend the trip via ParentPay.  

We will also be taking part in an Explorer Day on Wednesday the 24th April 2019, where the children will be learning a range of map related skills.

Our Parent celebration will be on Friday 24th May at 1.30pm. This will be last day of International Week and we will have an international feast for the children and families to enjoy. More information to follow.