Santa’s grotto looks spectacular this year!


Come along to our Winter Wonderland at Harris Primary East Dulwich today. So much to do, so much to eat, so much to win, so much fun to be had! 12-3pm today. 173 Lordship Lane. We look forward to seeing!


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Ho Ho Ho🎄🎅📱This , we're feeling festive & unwrapping some top tips for those getting a smartphone under the tree this year. From the minute they switch it on, it's crucial that children understand how to use their device safely. Download>


Reading immersion day in Year 4 linked to their core text, I was a Rat! by Phillip Pullman.


Year 5 reading immersion visit to the London Eye to support their writing linked to their core text, The London Eye Mystery.


Busy weekend spent getting this fabulous screen fitted in the main hall. Can’t wait for the children to see it tomorrow. The sound is incredible.


Productive Pupil Parliament meeting today to set our agenda for the rest of the year. So great to see children from Reception to Y5 working together.


Dyspraxia is a developmental coordination disorder affecting fine &/or gross motor coordination & often includes additional difficulties with planning, organising & carrying out movements in the right order. Dyspraxia can also affect articulation, speech, perception & thought.


Science launch day in Year 3 last week in our new STEM room


Getting spotty for Children in Need on Friday


Dyslexia is a learning difference affecting reading & writing. It can also impact on information processing, memory and organisational skills. Dyslexics often have strengths in areas like reasoning & the visual & creative fields.


ADHD isn’t: - about hyperactivity or ‘laziness’ – it’s about differences in brain anatomy & wiring. - outgrown; many have symptoms in to adulthood.


ADHD is: - a disorder that impacts focus, impulse control & emotional responses; - often diagnosed in childhood but sometimes not until later years.


ADHD is a neurological condition that affects concentration, impulse control & time awareness & can cause impulsiveness, forgetfulness & distraction. People with ADHD need a consistent approach, regular & immediate feedback and to be rewarded for appropriate behaviour.


'If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be'. This quote by Maya Angelou is the theme of our , with a focus on raising awareness amongst our community of different conditions, such as ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia


We agree, which is why we have re-arranged our timetables to ensure that time for teachers to read high quality texts to children every day is given the priority it deserves!


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Be on the ball this ⚽️🎮 Following the launch of 'FIFA 20', gaming expert, Mark Foster helps parents & carers identify key features included in the latest update & how to encourage children to have a kick about safely. Download free guide >>


Good luck for tonight Dulwich Hamlet FC from all at Harris East Dulwich!


Delighted to be involved in two of your events today!


Delighted to receive a letter from Nick Gibb today congratulating us on our phonics results, which put us in the top 5% of schools in the country.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Meet Our Staff

Our staff team at Harris Primary East Dulwich are primary specialists and we work together to promote the core values of the Academy and make sure that our children are consistently happy and safe.

The team are us follows:



Ms Jo Conduit

Principal, Safeguarding, Behaviour & Attendance Lead

Ms Betty Johnson 

Vice Principal, KS2 Phase Leader, Assessment & Curriculum Leader, Science Lead (acting)

Ms Kerry Cowmey

Inclusion Manager/Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo), Mental Health Lead & Staff Governor (part-time)

Ms Sherise Quest

Early Years Phase Leader, Reception Teacher & PSHE Leader

Ms Ella Nolan

Reception Teacher & Charity Committee Lead

Ms Silvana Callus

Early Years Teaching Assistant & First Aid & Medical Coordinator

Ms Cianca Green

Early Years Teaching Assistant

Ms Diksha Patel

Year 1 Teacher & Computing Lead

Ms Rosie Eaton

Year 1 Teacher & PE Lead

Ms Natanya Burke

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Ms Rachel Wade

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Ms Kayleigh Mills

Year 2 Teacher, Assistant Principal, KS1 Phase Leader & English Lead

Ms Cathy Munday

Year 2 Teacher & Rights Respecting School Lead

Ms Tamanna Khanam

Schools Direct Trainee Teacher & Eco Champions Lead

Ms Gemma Ellis

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Ms Sophie-Louise Samuel

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Ms Tia Danning

Year 3 Teacher & Deputy Lead for The Arts

Ms Bev Pilkington

Year 3 Teacher & History Lead

Ms Anisa Salim

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mr Daniel Marchant

Year 3 Teaching Assistant, IT Assistant & Playtime Coordinator

Ms Jess Shea

Year 4 Teacher & Geography Lead

Ms Amy Cleary

Year 4 Teacher & Arts Lead

Ms Martha Sackey

Year 4 & One to One Teaching Assistant

Ms Isobel Taylor

Year 4 Teaching Assistant & Gardening Coordinator

Ms Sheraigh Clarke

Year 5 Teacher & Mathematics Lead

Ms Abi Camsey

Year 5 Teacher & RE Lead

Ms Bethan Agar

Schools Direct Trainee Teacher

Ms Emily Talbot

Year 5 Teaching Assistant 

Ms Nicola Read

Year 5, One to One Teaching Assistant & Support Staff Lead for STEM

Ms Rio Ellington

One to one Teaching Assistant

Ms Francess Foday

One to one Teaching Assistant

Mr Darren Dixon

Sports Coach (part-time)

Ms Rebecca Llewelyn

Teacher & Science Leader (currently on maternity leave)

Ms Emma Davidson

Part-time cover teacher

Mrs Patsy Panda

Office Manager

Ms Natalie Akingbaje

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Ms Christina Raynsford

Midday Supervisor

Ms Anne Reid

Midday Supervisor

Mr Joe Ereku

Premises Manager


Premises Officer