Thanks Ric from who this term has been working with our Eco Champions, thinking about reducing plastic use. Here is Ric talking to all the children about this issue - inspiring the younger generation to make changes to their own plastic usage!


HPAD Fun Run organised by our fabulous PTA, FoHPED. Thank you to everyone who took part.


Delighted to welcome author and mathematician to HPAD on Thursday. Y3/4 were inspired by Rob’s range of of mathematical tricks & puzzles. The children left excited to try the tricks for themselves in the playground


Now for a mini beast hunt. Lots of slugs, snails, ground beetles, ants, spiders and woodlice


Pond dipping this morning. So far we’ve found sticklebacks, water boatmen, water snails (mostly common bithynia), leeches and various larve.


Bedtime story with Ms Reynolds.


Marshmallows, hot chocolate and singing around the campfire. Lovely way to end the day.


Lovely day spent at St Margaret’s Bay.


Rock pooling at St Margaret’s Bay.


3 wood mice in the traps this morning. All safely released. 6 mile hike now followed by rock pooling on the beach this afternoon.


More amazing views from our evening ramble


Evening ramble


Well that was a delicious meal! Good job we are off on an evening ramble now to walk it off.


Choosing the best spots to hide our mammal traps


Learning about the mammals living wild on the Rippledown grounds


The grounds at Rippledown House are just beautiful


A bit of Rippledown history


Beds made, dorms tidied, time for lunch


Year 4 have arrived safely at Rippledown House - looking forward to 3 days of fun


Balance, agility and focus during our buddy’s challenge obstacle course today

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Reception Learning Overview - Summer 1 2019

What are we learning?

Our topic for this half-term is ‘People Who Help Us’.


In literacy, we will be reading information and story books about the work of fire-fighters, doctors, post workers, lollipop people and the police. We will use our speaking and communication skills to write our own stories and will write for many other purposes in different contexts; for example we will learn to write a 'prescription' when role-playing in the doctor's surgery. To support our learning, we will be visiting Peckham Fire Station and we will also have a variety of visitors, such as the police, coming to speak about their job with us.


In maths, we will learn to order items by length and height. We will also develop our understanding of combining groups of objects in 2s, 5s and 10s through practical problem solving.


In phonics, we will focus on consolidating children’s knowledge of the sounds they have already learnt and applying them when reading and writing. We will also be encouraging the children to read and write words with two-syllables or more such as: tonight, bedroom, furniture, pumpkin etc. Children will also begin to learn Phase 5 sounds this term. These sounds are alternatives to what they know already e.g. ai/ay and ow/ou.


We will continue to learn new tricky words. Our tricky words will be: said, have, like, so, do, were, little, one, when, out, what. We will also begin learning the following tricky words: oh, their, people. Mr, Mrs, looked, called, asked, could.


Please continue practising reading and spelling reception high frequency words and tricky words with your child. If you would like to do extra phonics activities at home with your child, please look for activities on the Internet and focus on phase 2, 3, 4 & 5 of Letters and Sounds. The following websites have some good activities and resources:


Children will continue to learn to play the recorder this term. All children have been given a recorder, which they will need to bring into school for their lesson and take home each week to practise. Please ensure your child’s recorder is in their school bag each day.


How can you help us?


To support your child’s writing at home, please encourage them to write about things that they enjoy to influence a love for writing. This could be as simple as labelling their favourite toys or writing a diary about what they did at the weekend. Your child could also help you with daily routines, helping you to write the shopping list. Please continually revise the new sounds they have been learning in phonics to emphasise and to help them remember the sounds when they are writing.

There are several maths activities that you can do at home that will also help support your child such as, counting toys to 20 and beyond, estimating how many objects they see and counting the actual amount, using number lines to solve addition and subtraction problems, encouraging your child to count on or backwards.


To support our learning in the classroom, if you have any of the following items at home please collect them and bring them in: empty 1 litre bottles with lids, empty yoghurt pots, old wellies, kitchen roll tubes, wrapping paper tubes, milk lids, milk bottles, and boxes e.g. cereal boxes and shoe boxes.



For our project this half term, children will be asked to design and create an emergency vehicle such as, an ambulance, police car, fire-engine and air ambulance. Children should begin by drawing their chosen emergency vehicle and then label colours and parts. This along with the final piece should be brought into school the week beginning Monday 13th May 2019 so children can share their project with us all. We look forward to seeing them!



This half term we will be visiting Peckham Fire Station. We will have the opportunity to talk to fire fighters, see the equipment they use and hopefully will be able to have a squirt with the hose!

If you are able to support us on trips, which would involve being responsible for 4 children with the class teacher present, then please do let us know as we would really appreciate the support.


Class routines and home learning

  • Willow and Chestnut class will continue to have PE on Thursdays. Your child should have a full P.E Kit (Harris PE t-shirt, black or navy trousers/shorts and black plimsolls in a Harris P.E kit bag). All items should be labelled with your child’s name. Children will be expected to undress and change themselves. To support children with this, you could practise fastening and unfastening buttons.


  • Homework will include a ‘Talk question’, a maths activity and phonics (sounds of the week and high frequency words to practise reading and writing). This will be given to children on Thursday and should be completed over the weekend, ready to hand in on Tuesday morning. Please ensure that you are completing the homework with your child every week. Homework is a great way for children to share their learning with you and to recap what we have been learning in school.


  • As always, we ask that all children read every day at home. This is great practise for the children and gives them a chance to show you how their reading is continually progressing as they begin to learn more sounds in school. It is helpful when you write comments in your child’s reading book as we do read these as it can support your child if for example they are struggling to read a certain word. We can then make sure we implement this word into our planning.