Thank you Jenny and Jennie for delivering our assembly yesterday. We are proud to Be Internet Legends


A huge week for our new HPAD pupils as they finish their first week in Reception. We have loved getting to know you and look forward to seeing you again on Monday. Don't forget we are closed for INSET tomorrow.


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Proud that not one but two of the schools in my ward are leading the way on with 's successful programme. Well done and ! 🤩🤩🤩


Thank you James for your support with our clean air initiatives.


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It’s great to see not just one, but two being trialled in 🙌🙌🙌 & continuing to lead the way in championing for their students and the local community. Thank you


The first of three amazing end of year performances at the ⁦⁩. This is Reception & Year 1.


Just heard that we have achieved the silver Eco Schools award! Well done to our Eco Champions for their work on this.


A thank you received this week from the NSPCC for the amazing £1,131.65 raised from the sponsored obstacle course.


Pupil Parliament discussing our curriculum with Mrs Johnson today as part of our curriculum review.


Week 3 of our journey through traditional playground games. This week: tiddlywinks


This time of the year is great for reflecting on the progress the children have made. Here an example from a Reception child


Sometimes we don't need to look far for our inspiration. Here is our very own Eva winning Gold as part of the Southwark BMX team at the London Youth Games last weekend. Even more amazing, she was only a week out of plaster, having broken a bone coming off her bike.


Week 2 of our traditional games - French skipping!


Thank you to the boys from and girls from for helping out at our Summer Fair today


Harris Primary East Dulwich Summer Fair well underway. Come along from 12-3pm today, Sat 22nd at 173 Lordship Lane


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Happy !😄 It can feel like an uphill challenge to keep children away from harmful content on the internet, so this week we're issuing a free home internet controls guide for parents and carers. Download your free guide here:


Come along to our Summer Fair this Saturday, 22nd June from 12pm to 3pm. Look forward to seeing you there!


Delighted to hear today that we have achieved the bronze Eco Schools award and are well on the way to silver. Great work from our Eco Champions - well done!


We are introducing some traditional games to playtime this term. This week it’s Cat’s Cradle.

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Year 4 Learning Overview - Spring Term 2 2019

What are we learning?

This half term our topic theme is ‘Blue Abyss’ and our learning in all subjects will be linked to this.  

In geography, the children will use maps, atlases and globes to locate countries, seas and oceans as well as the Equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. They will use research to identify features of different seas and oceans and explain the differences and similarities between locations. The children will identify how people both damage and improve the environment. They will identify changes in the local environment and changes in the global environment. The children will describe how changes, in the features of a place can affect the lives and activities of the people living there.

As scientists, the children will be learning about electricity. The children will learn about the different types of energy and identify common appliances that run on electricity. They will explore how to construct a simple circuit and a series of circuits. They will explore which materials are good conductors of electricity by planning a fair test. 

As artists, the children will be looking at under the sea fine art and sculptures. They will make a sculpture of an undersea creature that lives in the Abyss.

In literacy, the children will be writing for many different purposes, including; non-chronological report, diary entries, letter writing, narrative and poetry. The children will be reading ‘Kensuke Kingdom’ by Michael Morpugo and information texts on oceans and seas. In grammar, the children will be continuing to learn about homophones, the plural possession, the possessive apostrophe and pronouns.

In numeracy the children will learn about geometry, decimals and mass, length and volume.


Children will learn about types of angles. They will name and compare angles and use this information to help when classifying triangles and quadrilaterals. Children will explore symmetry and symmetrical figures before applying this knowledge to the completion of symmetrical figures. They will draw lines of symmetry on shapes and figures and will combine this knowledge and understanding to sort a variety of 2-D shapes.

Mass, Volume and Length

Children will learn how to estimate and measure mass, volume and length. They will learn how to convert units of measure from larger to smaller and vice versa. Children will also be taught how to measure perimeter using centimetres and millimetres. They will use their knowledge of measures to solve problems involving all three aspects of measurement in this chapter.



Children will learn about tenths and hundredths. They will learn how to count, order and record the decimals in different ways. They will begin to see equivalence between tenths and hundredths and will be able to compare and order the numbers. Children will learn to continue linear number sequences as well as round decimals to the nearest whole number. They will also link tenths and hundredths with dividing by 10 and 100


In music, the children will continue to learn the violin. Violins will go home on a Tuesday and are to be returned on a Monday. Please ensure your child brings their violin into school every Monday.

In Philosophy for Children (P4C), we will be using our thinking skills, asking questions and making assumptions, children will be encouraged to develop opinions and give supporting reasons. We will be using different stimuli to encourage thinking, such as stories, songs, poems and pictures.

Key information:

Uniform:  Children must be in the correct uniform. All items of clothing must be labelled with their name. Hair below shoulder length should be tied back with a purple or black hair band.

PE kit:  Please make sure your children have shorts, a Harris PE t-shirt, plimsolls and socks in a named PE bag in school. Swallowtails class will have P.E on Friday and Thursday and Peacock class will have P.E on Friday and Wednesday. P.E kits will be sent home on Friday and should return to school on Monday.

Children are not allowed to do PE without the appropriate kit.

Reading books and reading records: Please make sure your child’s books and reading records are in their book bags each day.

Overview of our home learning: Home learning will be handed out weekly on a Thursday and should be returned on a Tuesday.

There will also be one half-termly homework project. This half term it is linked to our topic of ‘Blue Abyss’. Please find below some ideas for the home learning:  

  • How many amazing shark facts can you find? Build them into a PowerPoint presentation to show the rest of the class. Remember to include images and perhaps some video clips too.

• Write a ‘true or false’ quiz with fascinating facts about creatures and plants under the sea.

 • Create fact cards about the creatures of the Great Barrier Reef in a Top Trumps style.

 • Create a picture dictionary of plants and creatures of the ocean.

• Visit your local library and find non-fiction books about the oceans and seas. Use them to find out about the sea creatures of the world. Look for information using contents pages, glossaries and index pages. Write down any new facts you have learnt, and share them with your class.

• Use the web with an adult to find out about famous undersea explorers, such as Robert Ballard, Sylvia Earle, William Beebe and James Cameron. Record your information to share with the class.

• Draw the view of the ocean you might see if looking through the window of a submersible.

 • Design an ‘under the sea’ board game. What creatures might your counters represent?

• Write a story about a diver’s exploration of a coral reef.

Home learning is a way for your child to show off the learning that they have been doing throughout the week, this is an opportunity for children to present their learning in a way that is appropriate to them.




Reading continues to be a priority in Year 4 and we ask that you hear your child read daily and please record what they have read in their reading records on the page next to their homework and include any words or comprehension skills that they are struggling with.

In school we use a colour chart to encourage positive behaviour. Children will be rewarded for reaching the gold star and we encourage you to ask your child why they have received a gold star sticker, their achievement will be related to one of the ‘Keys to Learning’ or ‘Keys to Life’. Children whose behaviour causes them to be on the red will be given a note to take home explaining their behaviour.

We encourage children to develop character attributes, traits and behaviours that we believe underpin success in school and beyond. We call these the ‘keys to success’, we have updated these from last year. Now we have the ‘skills to life’ which are Determination, Community spirit, Respect, Integrity, Self-control, Kindness, Communication and Responsibility. The ‘skills to learning’ which include Curiosity, Resilience, Conscientiousness, Independence, Collaboration, Challenge-seeking, Attentiveness and Resourcefulness.

Children will attend a Celebration Assembly every Tuesday morning where two children from each year 4 class will be awarded a Powerful Learner Certificate in honour of showing one of the above attributes. Additionally, the children will be awarded powerful learner postcards when they have shown excellent behaviour or learning during the week.

Children will be practising handwriting daily. They will be continuing to join all their letters using a cursive script. Once their handwriting is all joined and presented neatly they will be awarded the pen license.

Key dates this term:

Sponsored read – Monday 4th – Sunday 10th March

World Book day – Thursday 7th March  

Reading workshop with author Lisa Rajan – Friday 8th March

Sea Life Aquarium visit – Friday 22nd March