Thanks Ric from who this term has been working with our Eco Champions, thinking about reducing plastic use. Here is Ric talking to all the children about this issue - inspiring the younger generation to make changes to their own plastic usage!


HPAD Fun Run organised by our fabulous PTA, FoHPED. Thank you to everyone who took part.


Delighted to welcome author and mathematician to HPAD on Thursday. Y3/4 were inspired by Rob’s range of of mathematical tricks & puzzles. The children left excited to try the tricks for themselves in the playground


Now for a mini beast hunt. Lots of slugs, snails, ground beetles, ants, spiders and woodlice


Pond dipping this morning. So far we’ve found sticklebacks, water boatmen, water snails (mostly common bithynia), leeches and various larve.


Bedtime story with Ms Reynolds.


Marshmallows, hot chocolate and singing around the campfire. Lovely way to end the day.


Lovely day spent at St Margaret’s Bay.


Rock pooling at St Margaret’s Bay.


3 wood mice in the traps this morning. All safely released. 6 mile hike now followed by rock pooling on the beach this afternoon.


More amazing views from our evening ramble


Evening ramble


Well that was a delicious meal! Good job we are off on an evening ramble now to walk it off.


Choosing the best spots to hide our mammal traps


Learning about the mammals living wild on the Rippledown grounds


The grounds at Rippledown House are just beautiful


A bit of Rippledown history


Beds made, dorms tidied, time for lunch


Year 4 have arrived safely at Rippledown House - looking forward to 3 days of fun


Balance, agility and focus during our buddy’s challenge obstacle course today

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Reception Learning Overview - Autumn Term 2 2018

What are we learning?

This half term our topic will be ‘Celebrations’.

In Literacy, children will learn to ascribe meaning to the marks that they have made as they start to hear medial and end sounds in words to write most letters correctly and in sequence. As we move on to writing simple sentences, there will be a focus on using finger spaces between words. We will also continue our ‘Weekly Write’ where children will write in their English books with a focus related to our core text.

In Maths, children will begin to learn about 3D shapes and their features, we will also be learning simple addition and subtraction, and moving on from counting to 10 and beyond, we will be learning how to order numbers, find one more and one less than a given number as well as adding two groups of objects together.

In PE, our focus this half term is negotiating space successfully as they run and being able to adjust speed and change direction to avoid obstacles. We will also be practicing an exciting firework dance as we begin to move in different ways.

In phonics, we will continue to follow the progression of sounds of the ‘Letters and Sounds programme’. Children will continue to be grouped into smaller groups in phonics. These are some of the sounds that the children will learn:

  • e, u, r
  • h, b, f
  • ff, I, ll, ss
  • j, v, w
  • x, y, zz, qu

Children will also begin to learn some of the reception high frequency words: get, up, mum, had, his, him, but, big, back, of, if. We will also be learning the tricky words: the, to, he, she, I, we, me, be


We will be continuing our ‘Forest Time’ trips with small groups of children every Tuesday and we will also be going on our very first whole class! Dates will be confirmed.


We will be visiting Dulwich Library; each class will visit the library once per term.  In the Autumn Term the visits will be:

Willow Class – 12th November 2018

Chestnut Class - 14th November 2018


If you are able to support us on trips, which would involve being responsible for 4 children with the class teacher present, then please do let us know as we would really appreciate the support.


Please see our year group webpage for further information and of course take a look at what your child is learning when you come to pick them up.

How can you help us?

To help us and your child identify their uniform, please ensure you have labelled every piece of clothing with their name, including vests and tights as well as items of P.E kit.

Now that the weather is getting colder please make sure your child wears their school coat each day– our outdoor learning continues all year round so they will be learning both inside and outside during the winter months. Please also ensure that children have their own (labelled) wellies on the days that we go to Forest Time.


Home learning

  • Home learning will continue to include a ‘thinking question’, a maths activity and phonics (sounds of the week and high frequency words to practise reading and writing). This will be given to children on Thursday and should be completed over the weekend, ready to hand in on Tuesday morning.
  • As always, we expect all children to read every day at home.  We will be looking at the reading records each time your child reads and it will be extremely helpful to read your comments on what you focused on at home, any sounds children recognised and anything they needed support with.  We will then be able comment on progress in school and suggest ways you can support your child further.