HPAD Fun Run organised by our fabulous PTA, FoHPED. Thank you to everyone who took part.


Delighted to welcome author and mathematician to HPAD on Thursday. Y3/4 were inspired by Rob’s range of of mathematical tricks & puzzles. The children left excited to try the tricks for themselves in the playground


Now for a mini beast hunt. Lots of slugs, snails, ground beetles, ants, spiders and woodlice


Pond dipping this morning. So far we’ve found sticklebacks, water boatmen, water snails (mostly common bithynia), leeches and various larve.


Bedtime story with Ms Reynolds.


Marshmallows, hot chocolate and singing around the campfire. Lovely way to end the day.


Lovely day spent at St Margaret’s Bay.


Rock pooling at St Margaret’s Bay.


3 wood mice in the traps this morning. All safely released. 6 mile hike now followed by rock pooling on the beach this afternoon.


More amazing views from our evening ramble


Evening ramble


Well that was a delicious meal! Good job we are off on an evening ramble now to walk it off.


Choosing the best spots to hide our mammal traps


Learning about the mammals living wild on the Rippledown grounds


The grounds at Rippledown House are just beautiful


A bit of Rippledown history


Beds made, dorms tidied, time for lunch


Year 4 have arrived safely at Rippledown House - looking forward to 3 days of fun


Balance, agility and focus during our buddy’s challenge obstacle course today


Predator invasion in Year 3 today

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Year 4 Learning Overview - Autumn Term 1 2018

What are we learning?

This half term our topic theme is ‘Potions’, and our learning in all subjects will be linked to this.

As Historians, we will be studying medicines and natural medicines in British history beyond 1066.

As Scientists, we will be learning to explore how the properties of solids, liquids and gases are different. Children will be carrying out a range of experiments to observe that some materials change state when they are cooled or heated. They will be planning their experiments, making careful observations and collecting data to answer questions about the processes.

As Artists, we will be showing our ideas and imagination through drawing, painting and sculpture. We will look at the work of a range of well-known artists and designers.

In addition:

In Literacy, will be writing for many different purposes, including; instruction writing of labels, diary entries, letter writing and playscripts. We will also be reading, writing and performing poetry.

In Numeracy, we will be continuing to build our understanding of number and children will be learning the place value of numbers up to10 000, addition and subtraction and continue to understand fractions.

In Computing, we will be designing and creating a range of labels. Children will collect information and present to the class their design.

In Philosophy for Children (P4C), we will be using our thinking skills, asking questions and making assumptions, children will be encouraged to develop opinions and give supporting reasons. We will be using different stimuli to encourage thinking, such as stories, songs, poems and pictures.

We will be hosting half-termly Learning Celebrations, where parents will be invited into the classrooms so that children will be able to share their learning. The first parent celebration will be on the 19th October at 1:30 p.m.


We aim to develop independence so would ask that you allow your child to walk into the school building and up to their classroom on their own; thank you for your co-operation so far. We will be in the playground to greet them and another member of the team will be in the classroom to remind them of what they have to do with coats, book bags etc.

Reading continues to be a priority in Year 4. We are in the process of hearing each child read individually to ensure they are reading books that are suitable for their skill level. We would ask that you hear your child read daily and please record what they have read in their reading records and include any words that they struggle with.

In school we use a colour chart to encourage positive behaviour.  Children will be rewarded for reaching the gold star and we encourage you to ask your child why they have received a gold star sticker, their achievement will be related to one of the ‘Keys to Learning’ or ‘Keys to Life’. Children whose behaviour causes them to be on the red will be given a note to take home explaining their behaviour.

We encourage children to develop character attributes, traits and behaviours that we believe underpin success in school and beyond. We call these the ‘keys to success’, we have updated these from last year.  Now we have the ‘skills to life’ which are Determination, Community spirit, Respect, Integrity, Self-control, Kindness, Communication and Responsibility.  The ‘skills to learning’ which include Curiosity, Resilience, Conscientiousness, Independence, Collaboration, Challenge-seeking, Attentiveness and Resourcefulness. Children will attend a Celebration Assembly every Tuesday morning where two children from each year 4 class will be awarded a Powerful Learner Certificate in honour of showing one of the above attributes.

Children will be practising handwriting daily.  They will be continuing to join all their letters using a cursive script. Once their handwriting is all joined and presented neatly they will be awarded the pen license.


Key information:

Uniform:  Children must be in the correct uniform - grey trousers, skirt, pinafore or shorts; white collared shirt; Navy blue school cardigan or jumper with the Harris logo; grey or black socks (white for girls) or grey tights. Girls may also wear a purple and white school dress during the summer months.  All items of clothing must be labelled with their name. Hair below shoulder length should be tied back with a purple or black hair band.

P.E. Kit:  Please make sure your children have shorts, a plain white t-shirt with the Harris logo, black plimsolls/trainers and socks in a named P.E. bag in school. Swallowtail class will have P.E on Monday and Thursday and Peacock class will have P.E on Monday and Wednesday. P.E kits will be sent home on Friday and should return to school on Monday.

Children are not allowed to do P.E. without the appropriate kit. Please could you check your child’s kit as children have been doing quite a bit of growing over the holidays.

Reading Books and Reading Records: Please make sure your child’s books and reading records are in their book bags each day. The children will have one book each week from the class library and home learning will be linked to the books.  

Overview of our home learning: Home learning will be handed out weekly on a Thursday and should be returned on a Tuesday.

There will also be one half-termly homework project. This half term it is linked to our topic of ‘Potions’. We would like the children to visit their local library or bookshop to search for other plays and stories on the theme of potions. The project is for children to write a book review which they will share in class.

Home learning is a way for your child to show off the learning that they have been doing throughout the week, this is an opportunity for children to present their learning in a way that is appropriate to them. This may include drawing, writing or painting, children can also perform songs, poems or create something using materials from home, encourage children to be imaginative and think about how they would like to present their learning in a way that they are proud of.