Big thanks to Charlotte for raising the issue of single-use plastics in our kitchen. After a few emails this practice has now been stopped. A suggestion box is on order to make it easier for our amazing pupils to let us know their ideas for making changes for the better!!


Results for the KS1 inter-school sports hall athletics tournament are in Proud and delighted to hear our Year 1s got first place and our Year 2s came third!


Come along to our fabulous Summer Fete on Saturday 30th June between 12 and 3pm.


Thank you for supporting our cleaner air initiative with a generous donation of air purifying plants for our classrooms


Thank you to Year 2 parent, Emmanuelle, for leading our assembly. Important issues discussed and lots of discussion about changes we can all make. Here is a clip Emmanuelle shared


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An amazing job for a Mandarin HLTA working with and I. Tell all your friends!


A community feast to mark the end of our International Week celebrations. Thank you to everyone who contributed a dish from around the world!


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Thank you - it was great fun! We are acting out Hokusai's here 🌊


This week, every child took part in a workshop in which they were encouraged to observe & explore the world around them & to think creatively & critically. They looked at a range of art related to their topics. Thanks Alison


Well done to our Year 3 cricket team today for making the semi-finals and, in true HPAD style, winning the team work award!


Good luck Harry and Meghan from HPAD!


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On the way back in high spirits, if a little tired.


Fantastic teamwork in action - helping to identify the next footholds to use, to get to the top.


Precision required.


Scaling the climbing wall in the sunshine!


More awards - the most considerate dormitory shown by getting to sleep quickly and keeping voices down in the morning.


Award presentation for the tidiest dormitory - a hard decision as lots of very organised and responsible children.


All ready for another activity packed day after a great night's sleep and delicious pancakes for breakfast.


Quick trip down the A2 to spend a lovely evening with Year 3 around the campfire. All bursting with stories to tell about their day. So impressed with their bed-making skills as well. Have fun tomorrow Year 3 - see you on Wednesday. Ms Conduit

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YR1 Learning Overview - Summer 2 2018

What are we learning?

This half term our Topic Theme is ‘Memory Box, and our learning in all subjects will be linked to this.

As Historians we will be learning about how the world has changed over time and how things have been invented and developed. We will be focussing on how things like toys, technology and transport have changed and thinking about how they might change even more in the future.

As Scientists we will be learning about the parts of a plant and their functions. We will be carrying out an experiment using plants to see if they could survive without water, soil or light and evaluating our results. We will also be looking back over the 5 senses and carry out some experiments linked to these.

As Artists we will be looking at and creating our own self-portraits using photos.  We will then be making frames in DT to put these self-portraits in for a wall display.

In addition:

In English we will be reading a variety of stories about memories and how things were different in the past and our writing will be linked to these. We will be writing diary entries, recounts, descriptions and exploring rhyme and mnemonics.

In Maths we will be covering fractions, mass, space and time problems. We will also be looking at multiplication and division, including word problems.

In Mandarin we will continue to broaden our vocabulary through songs and games and writing mandarin characters. As the children already know numbers up to 10 in Mandarin, we will be continuing to broaden this knowledge and learn up to 20.

In Philosophy for Children (P4C) we will continue to develop our thinking skills by asking questions and making assumptions. We will be making choices based on our opinions, and respectfully listening to and responding to others.

In Music we will continue to practise the recorder and develop our skills of playing tuned instruments by working with xylophones.

In R.E we will be learning about Buddhism. We will be looking at what Buddhists believe, symbols of their religion and what and how they worship.


Key information:

Uniform:  Please ensure your child is in the correct uniform and that all items are labelled with their name.

P.E. Kit: P.E is on Monday and Wednesday, please ensure your child’s kit is brought in on Mondays and it will be returned to you on Wednesdays to wash at home. Please ensure that each item is labelled with your child’s name. Dill Class will continue to arrive on a Monday morning wearing their PE kit.

Recorder lessons: As part of our Music lessons on Wednesdays, the children will sometimes be playing the recorder. Please ensure your child’s labelled recorder is in their bag on a Wednesday.

Reading Books and Reading Records: Children read daily in school, please make sure your child’s book and reading record are in their book bags each day. Please read with your child daily and make a short comment in their reading record. Your child will also choose a ‘Reading for pleasure’ book from our reading corner which you can read to them or they may wish to attempt to read themselves. Please ensure that both books are returned to school every day.

When you are reading with your child at home, please ask them questions about what they have read after each page or couple of pages. This is to develop their understanding of what they have read and develop their comprehension skills.

Overview of our home learning: Home learning is handed out weekly on a Thursday and should be returned on a Tuesday. If there are any difficulties with home learning, please see your child’s class teacher. Please ensure your child is doing the home learning themselves with some support from you, with your child doing the majority of the writing.

Maths Challenge: The children have made great progress over the year with their Maths Challenge and they all thoroughly enjoy doing them and getting onto the next challenge. Please support this by practising their Maths challenge at home to prepare them for the next one in school. This will be found in their Home learning.

Home learning projects will be due on Tuesday 17th July. Our topic this half term is ‘Memory Box’. We will be learning about how things have changed from the past, how humans develop from a baby to an adult and how we remember memories.

Our home learning project this half term is going to be slightly different as we want every child to create their own memory box. They can use a shoe box to create this and decorate it how they would like. Inside would be memories of theirs or their family’s lives. For example you might want to put photos in there, special toys they had when they were younger, a blanket they used to have, a piece of baby clothing they used to wear etc.


Other Events:

Week beginning 4th June - Parents evening (No clubs this week).

Week beginning 11th June - YR1 Phonics Screening

Week beginning 2nd July - Enterprise week

27th June- All parents and family members will be invited to the Year 1 Panda Picnic in Dulwich Park. Everyone can bring a panda (or teddy bear) and something to contribute to the picnic (a separate letter will follow).

6th July - Sports Day.

10th July - Transport Museum (a separate letter will follow)

19th July - End of year performance at Alleyn’s School Theatre (times TBC)

20th July - End of term 1.30pm finish