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Reception Learning Overview - Summer 2 2017

What are we learning?

This half term our focus is on ‘growing’ including life cycles and changes.


In Literacy we will be reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, ‘The Little Red Hen’ and ‘Oscar and the Frog’. We will continue to learn about how stories are structured. We will use our speaking and communication skills to use story language to retell the main events from the stories in order through role-play and sequencing pictures.  We will also learn to write facts and information texts about caterpillars and other mini beasts.


In phonics we will be continuing to read and write longer 2 and 3 syllable words using the sounds from phase 3 and phase 5.The children will practise writing shopping lists, captions, labels and extended sentences within the phonics sessions to consolidate their phonetic knowledge. We will also be ensuring that children are confident and consistently write the tricky words that they have learnt correctly, remembering the tricky parts and not trying to sound them out when writing.


In maths we will be learning to make symmetrical and repeating patterns by exploring how butterflies wings are the same on both sides. We will also be revisiting comparing and discussing different weights of objects using related language such as heavy, light, heaviest, lightest. The children will have the chance to continually improve their counting skills and recognising numbers up to and beyond 20.


As this is the final half term before the summer holidays, we will be focusing on transition to year 1 to prepare the children for the next school year. The children will be meeting their new teachers, writing letters to them to tell them what they enjoy at school and creating work to go up in their new classroom. 


How can you help us?

To support your child’s writing at home, please encourage them to write for different purposes. This could be writing the shopping list for you, keeping a diary of what they have done each day or writing exciting stories. It is crucial to encourage children’s love of learning and getting children to understand that we write for all different purposes, both at school and at home. When your child is writing, allow them to sound out the words, instead of them just copying your writing as this means that they are thinking about the sounds they need and that they are using their phonetic knowledge.


To support your child’s maths, continually count different objects with your child and develop their recognition of bigger numbers by noticing them when you are out and encouraging them to think about what numbers they can see. This could be looking at bus numbers, looking at speed limits or house numbers. This will demonstrate to your child that numbers are all around us. You can also get your child to help you weigh objects when you are cooking and getting them to talk about how much ingredients you need and the different weights.



Our project this half term will be based on our topic of growing and will be to create a garden scene in a box or container. This garden scene would be based on your child’s idea of what makes a dream garden. It could include real plants, art and craft flowers, gnomes, garden fences etc. This will be due in the week beginning 10th July 2017.



This half term we will be visiting Godstone Farm on Tuesday the 13th of June.

This term, Chestnut class we will going to their library visit on Tuesday the 5th of June and Willow class will be on Tuesday 20th June.

On Thursday 14th of July, we will be visiting Botany Bay beach.