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Reception Learning Overview - Spring 2 2017

What are we learning?

This half term our focus is on ‘Dinosaurs’ and ‘Space’.


In Literacy we will be writing our own information books on dinosaurs and space, writing facts that we learn during carpet time. We will also use captions and labels to accompany pictures that we may draw. The children will continue focussing on writing sentences, remembering to start with capital letters and end with a full stop. As a challenge, we will be looking at question marks and starting to use these in our writing when asking questions.


In phonics we will be moving onto phase 4 of Letters and Sounds. In this phase the children will not learn any new sounds but the focus will be on emphasising their knowledge on the sounds they have already learnt and continually using them in their writing. We will also be encouraging the children to read and write longer words with these sounds in such as: tonight, midnight, furniture, picture etc.


We will also continue to learn new tricky words over the half term. Our tricky words will be: said, have, like, so, do, were, little, one, when, out, what.


Please continue practising reading and spelling reception high frequency words and tricky words with your child. If you would like to do extra phonics activities at home with your child, please look for activities on the Internet and focus on phase 2 and 3 of Letters and Sounds. The following websites have some good activities and resources:




In maths we will be focussing on numbers including recognising numerals, counting in 1s and 2s, adding and taking away and comparing two numbers. We will also be drawing into our dinosaur theme by ordering dinosaur bones by length. Finally we will be drawing our own maps and using positional language such as in front, behind, right, left to describe where things are on the map.


The children will start to learn to play the recorder this term.  All children will be given a recorder, which they will need to bring into school for their lesson and take home each week to practise.


How can you help us?

To support your child’s writing at home, please encourage them to write about things that they enjoy so as to foster a love for writing. This could be as simple as labelling their favourite toys or writing a diary about what they done at the weekend. Your child could also help you with daily routines, helping you to write the shopping list. Please continually revise the new sounds they have been learning in phonics to emphasise and to help them remember the sounds when they are writing.


To support your child’s maths, please continually work on recognising numerals up to 20 and beyond. This includes writing these numbers so get them to write numbers for different purposes at home, for example when they are counting something. Also, encourage our child’s adding and taking away at home with simple activities.



For our project this half term, we would like you to make a dinosaur costume at home with your child. We would like you to plan it with your child first, thinking about what they want their dinosaur to look like and what materials you may use. Once it is made, your child can name their dinosaur!


These dinosaur costumes will need to be ready by Friday 10th March for our ‘Stomp and Roar’ day. Your child can come to school in their home-made costume and we will all be dressed as dinosaurs for the day! We would advise that you maybe start thinking about making these costumes in the half term.



This half term we will be visiting the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill. We will have the opportunity to visit the Robot Zoo whilst we are there to link into our dinosaur’s topic.