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Reception Learning Overview - Spring 1 2017

Reception Learning Overview - Spring 1 Term 2016

This half term our focus is on 'Traditional Tales'.

In Literacy most of our activities will be linked to our chosen stories: Three Billy Goats Gruff, Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs. We will develop our language and vocabulary by learning to describe characters, story settings and events, beginning to be aware of how stories are structured and using our own ideas to imagine and predict what will happen next. We will also use our phonics skills to write and read sentences.

In phonics we will learn the following letter-sounds: ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er (Phase 3 of Letters and Sounds).

Please continue practising reading and spelling reception high frequency words and tricky words with your child. If you would like to do extra phonics activities at home with your child, please look for activities on the Internet and focus on phase 2 and 3 of Letters and Sounds. The following websites have some good activities and resources:



In maths we will engage in counting, adding, subtraction and estimating activities. We will also begin learning to use vocabulary related to money in context, through the use of our shop role play. The story ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ also allows us to explore the concept of weight; we will learn to measure ingredients and compare which ingredients are lighter or heavier. Children will also learn to tell the time on the hour.

Children will develop their creative skills by having opportunities to create story characters using a variety of materials, build bridges for the Three Billy Goats investigating the most sustainable construction materials, retelling stories in role-play, learning to weave by making a basket for Little Red Riding Hood and much more.

We will learn a new song this half term in relation to our theme - 'When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears'.

The children will start to learn to play the recorder this term.  All children will be given a recorder, which they will need to bring into school for their lesson and take home each week to practise.


How can you help us?

To support your child with reading and writing, please continue taking the time to listen to your child read their home reading book daily. Encourage your child to ‘press the sound buttons’ and blend sounds together. Please remember to record when you read with your child in their yellow reading diaries with some comments. You can also encourage your child to write a simple sentence about their weekend or interests, using finger spaces and ‘sound fingers’ to help segment sounds to spell.

In addition, read other texts related to your child’s interests, discussing what you can see in the pictures, who the main characters are and what they think will happen next in the story.

There are several maths activities that you can do at home that will also help support your child such as, counting toys to 20 and beyond, finding one more or one less to 20,  number hunting  for numerals in the environment and also problem solving activities related to sharing equally such as, setting the dinner table.

To help us and your child identify their uniform, please ensure you have labelled every piece of clothing with their name, including vests and tights as well as P.E kit clothing. Also to ensure your child wears their school coat each day – our outside learning continues all year round so they will be learning both inside and outside.


Our project for this half term will be to create a ‘story box’ for a traditional tale of your choice. You can use a box such as, a shoe box (it is good to have a lid) and create the setting and characters using various materials. Projects should be completed and brought into school on Friday 3rd February 2016.



We will be going on a trip to Dulwich Woods this half term, to explore the setting in the story Little Red Riding Hood. This trip will take place during the morning of Monday 23rd January.


Home Learning will include a ‘Talk question’, a maths activity and phonics (sounds of the week and high frequency words to practise reading and writing). This will be given to children on Thursday and should be completed ready to hand in on Tuesday morning.