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Good site visit with TfL, Southwark and to to look at road and bus safety issues this afternoon.


Super Christmas concerts this week from Years 1-3 and Nativity performances from Reception. Well done everyone. Thank you families and friends for coming to watch.


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圣诞节快乐! From Year 1 and


Such generosity. An incredible selection of gifts collected for the Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal


Fun festivities at our Winter Fair today. Mother Christmas and her elves were busy all afternoon. Thank you FoHPED and everyone who supported the event.


We were delighted to hear today that we have achieved the Foundation level of the British Council International School Award


Thank you Bart from for educating us today on what should and shouldn't go down the toilet in order to keep our rivers and waterways clean. Who knew fatbergs could be so interesting as well? Great assembly!


Thank you for donating our Christmas tree this year.


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Tomorrow is the big day: The East Dulwich Christmas Cracker is back! Start the festive season with a bang and lots of cheer


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Do you know the communication milestones your baby should be reaching? We've got lots of info on :


Thank you FoHPED! The cookers you funded for our practical room are being put to good use!


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Congrats to these Y5s for beating my quizlet record! Looking forward to more competition from in the coming weeks!


All are warmly welcome to our Winter Fair organised by the Friends of Harris Primary ED on Saturday 9th December 1:30 - 4pm


Thank you to for visiting us this morning and answering our many questions about what it is like to be a Mayor.


Scooter safety training with Reception


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Great to get together to do some cross school writing moderation with and St Anthony’s and Horniman Primary


HPAD parent, Samantha Francis, has written this book which looks at a child’s feelings when a new sibling arrives. Worth a read if you have recently had a new baby or have one on the way.


Hosting writing moderation session for teachers from Harris Free School Peckham and local schools Heber, Horniman & St Anthony’s. Great professional dialogue with colleagues from other schools.


Year 1 really got a feel for the Great Fire of London, when they set fire to the Tudor Houses they had made on Friday.

Harris Academies
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Year 2 Learning Overview - Autumn 2 2017

What are we learning?

This half term our Topic Theme is ‘Towers, Tunnels and Turrets’, and our learning in all subjects will be linked to this.

As Geographers, we will be learning to locate famous towers and tunnels all over the world, such as the Burj Khalifa and the Channel Tunnel, and learning how to spot these on different kinds of maps.

As Historians we will be learning about significant historical events, people and places, supported by our trip to the Tower of London. We will also ask questions about the past and discuss significant events in Britain beyond our living memories.  

As Scientists, we will be carrying out investigations into a variety of things such as how germs spread and the reasons why bridges are designed the way they are. We will be continuing to develop our core skills of investigation, recording and observation.

As Artists and designers we will be showing our ideas and imagination through drawing, painting and sculpture. We will use exploring to find ways to make structures more stable so they are freestanding. We will also use different types of joins to create a structure and evaluate how well our designs meet the design criteria.

In addition:

In Literacy, we will be writing for many different purposes, including stories, poems and recounts. We will be using well-known stories as the basis for some of our writing. We will be continuing to learn about word classes and sentence types in our grammar sessions.

In Numeracy we will be continuing to build our understanding of number, by Mastering Numbers to 100 and multiplication and division by sharing and grouping.

In Mandarin, we will start to learn the importance of the different intonations in our pronunciation and continue to learn vocabulary and answer questions.

In Philosophy for Children (P4C) – We will be using our thinking skills, asking questions and making assumptions, children will be encouraged to develop opinions and give supporting reasons. We will be using different stimulus’ to encourage thinking, such as stories, songs, poems and pictures.

In Music we will continue to practise the recorder and learn a variety of Christmas songs for our Christmas carol concert.


Key information:

Uniform:  Children must be in the correct uniform - grey trousers, skirt, pinafore or shorts; white collared shirt or polo shirt; purple school cardigan or jumper; white or grey socks or grey tights. Girls may also wear a purple and white school dress during the summer months.  All items of clothing must be labelled with their name. Hair below shoulder length should be tied back with a purple or black hair band.

P.E. Kit:  Buttercup class will have P.E on Tuesday and Friday and Primrose class will have P.E on Tuesday and Thursday. P.E kits will be sent home on Friday and should return to school on Monday.  Please ensure that each item is labelled with your child’s name.

Reading Books and Reading Records: Children read daily in school, please make sure your child’s book and reading record are in their book bags each day. Please read with your child daily and make a short comment in their reading record. Your child’s reading for pleasure book which they bring home is to be shared together.

Overview of our home learning: Home learning is handed out weekly on a Thursday and should be returned on a Tuesday. Please ensure this is always completed by the child, as home learning is compulsory. 

Home learning projects will be due on Tuesday 12th December 2017. Our topic this half term is ‘Towers, Tunnels and Turrets’. Home Learning Projects can be presented in any way that children choose.  It is a good opportunity to discuss with your child what they have enjoyed learning about over the half term.


Other Events:

It will be Anti-Bullying Week the week beginning 13.11.17. Children will be discussing what bullying is and what they can do if they or others are being bullied.

The week beginning 20.11.17 will be Road Safety Week.  We will be finding out about the risks of the road and what we can do to stay safe as the evenings get darker.

Our Parent celebration will be on the 5.12.17 at 3.30pm. This is another chance for the children to share their learning and projects with you.

We will be visiting the Tower of London on 8.12.17, where we will be taking part in a workshop about kings and castles and exploring the tower.

We will be participating in a project led by teachers and sixth form students from Alleyn’s School. The project this term will involve Buttercup Class, and will be focused on dance and movement. The students that visited us from Alleyn’s last term were knowledgeable and engaging, and Buttercup Class will have a lot of fun working on their singing project.