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"The best training day of the programme so far. Absolutely loved it!"Our Primary trainees enjoyed their English Subject Day


We loved having you


We are looking forward to hosting you today


Thank you for all the food donations for our harvest assembly


Y2 was not the place for the faint-hearted today! Scorpions, tarantulas & snakes were amongst the visitors.


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The reason we do our jobs


‘Magic weaving’ - an inspirational & emotional roller coaster at John Jones’ session .


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Sir Dan addresses all 4,400 colleagues welcoming everyone to the 10th Annual Conference


So proud of our pupils - part of the Harris in Harmony concert in front of an audience of over 4,000


Frankie from WE London inspiring us to 'make a difference' in this morning's assembly


A great turn out for our Reception Phonics Workshop for parents this morning


Chestnut's first Forest Time session yesterday


Don't forget Phonics Workshop for Year 1 parents today at 9am


A lively assembly yesterday for National Fitness Day with lots of ideas for improving our fitness


Don't be disappointed - she did!


Sun salutations and downward dogs at our yoga assembly last week.


If you go down to the woods today... Willow's first Forest Time session of the year.


Twitter is quiet over the holidays so HPAD families please tweet a photo of what you've been up to over the summer


Good luck to everyone getting their GCSE results today

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Year 2 Learning Overview - Autumn 2 2016

What are we learning?

This half term our Topic Theme is ‘Towers, Tunnels and Turrets,’ and our learning in all subjects will be linked to this.

As Geographers, we will be learning to locate famous towers and tunnels all over the world, such as the Burj Khalifa and the Channel Tunnel, and learning how to spot these on different kinds of maps.

As Historians, we will be investigating how castles have changed: from the earliest Iron Age hill fortresses, through Norman Motte and Bailey castles to grander modern day structures. We will learn about the ‘Great Escape,’ which happened in WWII, and investigate the life of Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

As Scientists, we will be carrying out investigations into a variety of things such as how germs spread and the reasons why bridges are designed the way they are. We will be continuing to develop our core skills of investigation, recording and observation.

As Artists and Designers, we will be experimenting with different techniques using a variety of media, making bridges of our own and exploring the work of Antoni Gaudi.

In addition:

In Literacy, we will be writing for many different purposes, including stories, poems and recounts. We will be using well-known stories as the basis for some of our writing. We will be continuing to learn about word classes and sentence types in our grammar sessions.

In Numeracy, we will be continuing to build our understanding of number, by mastering numbers to 100, moving on to multiplication tables and division by sharing and grouping, followed by measuring in metres and centimetres.

In Computing, we will start to explore how computer games work and will try to design our own castles using what we have learnt from our topic. We will also be continuing to learn about e-safety.

In Mandarin, we will start to learn the importance of the different intonations in our pronunciation and continue to learn vocabulary and answer questions.

We will continue to practise our Spanish by greeting each other in Spanish every day and singing songs.

In Philosophy for Children (P4C), we will be using our think skills, asking questions and making assumptions, children will be encouraged to develop opinions and give supporting reasons. We will be using different stimuli to encourage thinking, such as stories, songs, poems and pictures.

In Music we will be continuing to learn djembe drumming and the recorders, and starting to practise a variety of songs for our carol concert at the end of the year.

Other Events:

We will be participating in a project led by teachers and sixth form students from Alleyn’s School. The project this term will involve Primrose Class, and will be focused on dance and movement. The students that visited us from Alleyn’s last term were knowledgeable and engaging, and Primrose Class will have a lot of fun this term.

Buttercup Class will be visiting Dulwich Library; this will take place on the 14th November.

We will also be welcoming guests from TfL and a drama specialist to further enhance our new topic, Towers, Tunnels and Turrets.


Key information:

Uniform:  Children must be in the correct uniform - grey trousers, skirt, pinafore or shorts; white collared shirt or polo shirt; purple school cardigan or jumper; white or grey socks or grey tights. Girls may also wear a purple and white school dress during the summer months.  All items of clothing must be labelled with their name. Hair below shoulder length should be tied back with a purple or black hair band.

P.E. Kit:  Please make sure your children have shorts, a plain white t-shirt, plimsolls and socks in a named P.E. bag in school, P.E is on Tuesday and Friday. P.E kits will be sent home on Friday and should return to school on Monday.

Children are not allowed to do P.E. without the appropriate kit. Please check to make sure that your child has suitable equipment for indoor and outdoor P.E. This may also include black, grey or navy tracksuit bottoms.

Reading Books and Reading Records: Please make sure your child’s book and Reading Record are in their bags each day. We will change their books at least once a week during reading sessions, depending on the length of the book. The focus of the session will be noted in the Reading Record.

Overview of our home learning: Home learning will be handed out weekly on a Thursday and should be returned on a Tuesday. There will be three pieces weekly (Thinking Question, Literacy and Numeracy). There will also be one half-termly homework project. We will let you know this in due course.